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Do you move from one point to another or roll through the city on a scooter? Dare to be different and make your loyal vehicle special with your design stickers. Electric scooter stickers make your rides personal and also protect them from scratches. Choose your favorite design from the Elektrilised.ee selection, order, install and enjoy the result.

The popularity of electric scooters continues to grow, and from spring to autumn they can be seen a lot in the cityscape. It is possible that scooters will soon become the main means of transport next to cars, because unlike a car, a wheelchair usually does not cause a parking problem, and unlike public transport, a wheelchair can be chosen at a convenient time from point A to point B.

If the trend that has already gained momentum continues to grow in the same way, then soon it will be difficult to recognize your scooter among others, and an Estonian still wants to have a slightly different machine from a neighbor or colleague. We have a solution for you! The design stickers allow you to make your vehicle personal and striking, and by choosing between different designs, you can also match the studs to your style.

Adding stickers also offers a change - if you get bored of one look, all you have to do is change the stickers and the same scooter will get a new and fresh look! It's also a good tip for parents if a descendant should complain that they want a newer model, scratches have occurred, or neighbor Joseph has a much fiercer vehicle. No problem - covering the scooter with design stickers is new and fresh, and others have to wonder for a long time where to get just such a vehicle!
Electric scooter stickers are easy to install. Before applying the stickers, clean the surfaces of the scooter of mud and dust. Allow some time, installation takes up to 1 hour. The material of the sticker is such that no wrinkles appear. The sticker leaves no traces of glue when removed and is easy to clean. The product kit includes stickers, installation instructions and environmentally friendly packaging.

The stickers are made of high-quality and weather-resistant materials and the best printing techniques. They are resistant to rain as well as sun heat and bleaching. Elektrilised.ee offers ready-made sticker sets for your electric scooter, but it is also possible to make special orders - contact customer support.

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