On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you apart FAQ If you have any questions about our products or services, please feel free to contact our customer support. Contacts can be found from here!

Did the order arrive but some things were missing?
It is possible that the products were sent in several packages, in which case the second package will be picked up in some time. Contact our customer support for details!

How much does transport cost?
The cost of transport depends primarily on the size of the product. Smaller electronics products can be ordered via smartmail, which is definitely cheaper, but we can only send larger goods by courier! By adding products to the cart you can find out the possible delivery methods and price!

Are we a reliable e-shop?
Elektrilised.ee belongs to the commerce group of Commerce Trading OÜ. Thanks to this, the e-shop is secure, the company is reliable and you can be sure that you will not lose your money when you buy from us. You can read more about us from here!

Will my goods arrive soon?
The usual delivery time for products in our e-shop is 1-3 working days for products in stock. In general, the exact delivery time is indicated in the product description in the elektrilised.ee e-shop.

Is my shipment far away?
Kui tarneaeg on möödunud või tunnete lihtsalt huvi tellimuse staatusest siis võtke meiega julgelt ühendust aadressil info@elektrilised.ee või kiirete küsimuste korral helistage (+372) 5886 0104.

I sent an email but haven't received a response yet?
E-mailidele vastame üldjuhul tööpäevadel esimesel võimalusel, kuid kiirete küsimuste korral on klienditugi saadaval numbril (+372) 5886 0104.

Do you have the goods on site and can you pick them up?
Our office does not have a full range of products for sale, but we can deliver goods from the office if you need to. However, the delivery time of the goods will not change.

The ordered product does not suit me?
Returns in the elektrilised.ee e-shop are always approved by law. The customer can return the goods ordered from the e-store within 14 days. If for any reason the goods are not suitable for you, please fill in the withdrawal form, which can be found from here!