Typical faults and maintenance of electric scooters

Electrical workshop is Techlife official importer and we are also partners for many Segway electric scooter seller. Are aware of standard vehicle defects and we always keep spare parts ready to remove on site.

In addition to repairs, we also offer additional services, for example environmentally friendly steam cleaning, storage, replacement of brake pads, pasting and others.

Electric The workshop specializes in the repair and maintenance of electric scooters and all other electric vehicles. We mainly perform repairs and maintenance for vehicles of the following brands:
Segway, Xiaomi, Techlife

PS: Seoses kolimisega ei saa me hetkel pakkuda rehvivahetus teenuseid, kuid saame müüa soodsalt uusi rehve ja jagada õpetust. 

Electric scooter services offered:

  • Techlife garantiiremont
  • Hooldus/remont: Xiaomi, Techlife, Segway
  • Minor repairs
  • Installation of accessories
  • Environmentally friendly steam cleaning
  • Installation of stickers
  • Defectation
  • Storage

Küsimuste korral võib meile helistada numbril +372 5306 2253 või kirjutada meile hooldus@elektrilised.ee

To bring the vehicle in for repair / maintenance, please fill in the attached application and select the mode of transport to the workshop. 

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    Product transport:

    frequently asked Questions

    We do not recommend riding in the rain or in the river, but unlike our competitors, our list of services is unique environmental friendly steam washing with probiotic cleaners. The vehicle will not be damaged by water and will be beautiful and clean!

    An electrical workshop will help if there is a flat tire, the handlebar is shaking, the wheel is rattling or vibrating, the brakes need adjustment / pads, the disc needs to be replaced and so on. Our special feature is also the service of standard fault removal - this service is primarily for Segway ES1, ES2 and ES4 vehicles, which have shocks and noises already new on the rear wheel or front. We also do electronics repairs - battery is out, problems with the controller, engine broken. After the defect, we also give the customer feedback on the scope of the repair work.

    Yes, you can. Fill in the booking form and choose a courier as the mode of transport - after paying the invoice, the courier will pick up the goods at your address. You can also call the courier or bring the scooter to the address Meistri 22-402, Tallinn 13517.